Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Free and Thrifty Fall Fun

This is specific to me as we are trying to cut our expenses while paying off some loans before our kids go off to college. It's funny most of my favorite things are on the free list. I just need to make time to do them more.

Free Fall Fun in Hot Springs:
  1. Walk downtown
  2. Hike the mountain or lake trails
  3. Go to the Library
  4. Go to a local fitness class where I work. (Do you work somewhere that has a free service for employees?)
  5. Go to one of the many parks
  6. Read
  7. Porch sit, swingin...
  8. Visit with friends
  9. Have friends over to watch a film
  10. Meet up for the Compact and do a swap
  11. Ride my bike
  12. Clean my house (okay so not fun, but I get great satisfaction out of a clean house).
Thrifty Fall Fun: Under $10
1. Take in a movie with a friend, docs are $5 at the Malco.
2. Nom Nom's a bar is $1.50, small cup is $3.25
3. Share Nom Nom's veg. nacho's and two drinks for $8 for two people.
4. Have one great top shelf Margarita with a friend at Rolando's
5. Go to the Farmer's market
6. Gallery walk, I always buy a little something to support local artist, this can range from very inexpensive and on up, but the visiting is always free.
7. Open a bottle of Tisdale wine, $4, and it's good.
8. Watch a favorite episode of "Parenthood", "Simple Living", or "Modern Family" on HULU.
9. Netflix a great movie or documentary.

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