Sunday, July 3, 2011


My sweet neighbors were just posting about their stay-cation and it got me to thinking about our own summer vacation. We had intended to take the kids to North Carolina this summer at the end of July, but as things can go sometimes, we have had a multitude of financial issues come up. Since we are debt averse taking a vacation when you can not pay cash is not something we will be doing. So I thought how can I get four teenagers to really enjoy a "stay-cation"?  They will surely be tempted to go see friends.
I have reread over my previous post about enjoying Hot Springs and have thought about all the things to do and I am coming up with some rules and plans.
I mean we do live in a tourist town so surely I can do this! Right? Right!

1.Phones will be off (okay so this will be hard) but we will all agree to put them up during meals and family time and not to answer them. Message machine on.
2. Everyone needs to take off work for the allotted time. (Our older son has a job and I own my own business as well as work at the local YMCA.)
3. We will agree to go somewhere every day and no work will be allowed.
4. At least one meal will be eaten out each day (probably lunch to save money) and we will all pitch in to cook and clean up. Cleaning will be kept to a minimum.
5. Computer time will be scheduled as to not interfere with family time.

Things to do in or around Hot Springs:
1. Movies
2. Hollywood Park
3. Library
4.Doc Film Fest??
5. Rent a party barge on the lake for a day
6. Mid America Science Museum
7. Magic Springs for the Day
8. Mountain
10. Movies at home
11. Museums in Little Rock
12. Big Damn Bridge
13. Float a river
14. Big Movie Theater in Little Rock
15. Play time Pizza
16. Lake Degray
17. Arkadelphia Water Park
18. Hike one of our beautiful trails or visit one of our great parks.

Places to Eat
1.  Arkadelphia, Honey Bee or Honey Comb
2. Little Rock, Try something new??? Jason's, Whole Foods, Hunka Pie
3. Nom Nom's, LaHacienda
4. Pizza: Papa Murphys
5. Breakfast nearby place

So wish me luck. I will post our experience in a few weeks. We will be taking this time the end of July.


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